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If you are reading this, it means that you are struggling to lose weight and getting in shape.

You have tried diets, weight loss pills and shakes - the only thing you lost was money.

You have tried going to a regular gym or health club - seriously, going to a regular gym sucks doesn't it?

Nothing seems to work!

Be prepared to dust off those old jeans you never thought you would fit in again! Get fit, lose weight and get your self-confidence back! COBRA FIT is a fun way to get great results! You will love seeing the kilograms melt off your body as we kick, sweat and have fun together! Not only will you physically look better but you will emotionally feel better as well!
are you tired of feeling fat, unhealthy and unfit?

You will participate in a fun small group class that combine:

Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life!

With COBRA FIT you will experience the following benefits


Weight Loss

Kickboxing burns calories like no other workout. Combined with our easy to follow nutritional plan, you are on your way to a leaner body!


Firmer Muscles

Our resistance band training will help you to firm up those muscles and make you appear leaner and healthier!


Improved Endurance

Kickboxing is great for building stamina and endurance. Everyday physical tasks will become so much easier as your endurance improves!


Increased Flexibility

Experience the joy of having increased flexibility. Combined with improved strength and endurance, you will love the new you!


Stress & Aggression Relief

Hitting and kicking bags is the ultimate form of stress and aggression relief. It is hard to walk out of a kickboxing training session without a smile on your face!

It is YOU versus the FAT!

COBRA Fit™ Fitness Kickboxing & Weight Loss Classes deliver great results!

Mimicking the way a fighter trains, you can maximize your results in a short amount of time. Classes are 45-minutes in duration and we cover cardio, strength and nutrition. You have a Certified Trainer in every class motivating you to your success. Kickboxing is done against kickboxing bags and strength training is done using resistance bands. Your trainer will call out all combinations and help you master all the techniques.

COBRA Fit™ is safe, exciting and fun and the best gym experience ever. All members work at their own pace and no one is expected to do more than they are capable of doing. You don’t have to be in great shape to start COBRA Fit™, but adhering to the program will help you get into the best shape of your life.

COBRA Fit™ is the BEST gift you can give yourself.
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You Can Do This!